communication without borders


  • Translating: is the process of transferring the meaning of a source text of one language into a target text in another language. It always deals with written text. A translation should never just be a literal "word-for-word" reproduction of the text but rather an equivalent of the expression. Here, cultural, national, and individual aspects of the target audience have to be considered. A translation is usually supported by CAT tools (computer-aided translation) that support and facilitate the translation process. CAT tools make use of translation memories. These databases of previously translated text segments are saved and can be used again for future translations. They also include terminology managers where specific terminology can be saved and re-used to ensure consistency. I use as a CAT tool SDL Trados 2019 with translation memories and SDL MultiTerm.
  • Interpreting: is the process of facilitating oral communication between users of different languages. The difference to translating is the fact that there is a one-time exposure to the source text. Simultaneous interpreting is done at the same time of the exposure to the source language, usually in translation booths via headphones. Consecutive interpreting is done at breaks during the exposure, usually with the help of making notes. 
  • Localisation: is the process of adapting a text to a specific country or region. This process makes sure that differences in distinct markets are accounted for. For example, an American text can be adapted to the Irish market, considering cultural and regional particularities. My speciality is not only translating a text into Standard German, but also to adapt it to the Austrian market, if necessary.

  • Subtitling: is the process of translating the words spoken in videos into written words that will appear at the bottom of the screen. These transcriptions of the words uttered on screen are essentially translations of the dialogue or narration in another language that is spoken. I use AHD Subtitles Maker as a Programme.
  • Proofreading: is the process of reading a text in order to correct errors such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I offer proofreading for German texts.
  • Editing: is the process of improving the overall quality of writing by enhancing flow, readability, and structure of the text. I offer editing in combination with proofreading for German Texts.