communication without borders

About Me

My name is Corinna Graf and I was born and raised in Austria, where I still work today. I am a freelance translator working with German (A), English (B), and Spanish (C). 

My mother tongue is German and I am able to speak Standard German as well as Austrian German. I started studying English and Spanish in school where my love for languages was sparked. I continued to master them at the University of Vienna, where I finished my Master's degree of translation studies with the main emphasis on conference interpreting. There, I came to understand the importance of a professional translation service and the negative consequences an amateur translation can have. I was trained to not only dominate my languages but also to understand the culture that formed words and their meanings. During my education, I got to learn more about my languages and their cultural backgrounds by working in London (UK), Mallorca (Spain), Colombia, Nicaragua, and Mexico. 

Besides my Master's degree in translation studies, I also hold a Master's degree in communication studies where I see my specialisation for my work as a translator. It is important to be familiar with the terminology of your field to really capture the communicative objective. I consider myself as an expert when it comes to translation projects concerning journalism, advertising, marketing, and communication science. Additional courses I took to further my knowledge base were concerned with the filed of law (especially international law), and cultural and social anthropology. 

In my professional live, I worked as a translation manager before deciding to go freelance. For that reason, I am familiar with the importance of deadlines, the time pressure that comes with it, and the necessity of accurate, error-free, and purposive texts. I can assure that I am a punctual, flexible, and an ambitious person when it comes to translation projects.